July 10, 2017


What's in your Decontamination kit?

“Cancer does not discriminate between firefighters. Volunteers routinely transport bunker gear in their vehicles, wear clothing contaminated after a fire into their homes and expose their families to these carcinogens. This is a terrible problem that requires our full attention and immediate action.”


— Tim Wall, VCOS

If you are part of an emergency situation that involves a fire or are involved with extinguishing a fire the following procedure should be followed.

Your kit should have:   

Use extra safety glasses during decon to protect soot from getting into your eyes.
Safety Glasses
After removing and turning out your coat and hood, Use Enspire ® Decontamination Wipes and/or Towels to remove as much soot as possible from head, hands, arms, neck, jaw, throat and face.
A scrub brush will help to remove stuck on debris when used with the hose and truck wash.
Scrub Bursh
enspire Towels should be used to remove larger amounts of contaminants from large areas
Used in combination with the hose and scrub brush, truck wash will help to remove and debris from emergency response vehicles.
Truck Wash
Attach the hose to the truck and use truck wash and a scrub brush to rinse and clean your gear.
Taking Action Against Cancer in the Fire Service (2013)