EP-E2x41P48 enspire extra large decontamination towel

enspire® Body Cleansing XL Towel – Case ($2.99 per pack / 48 packs per case)


  • Portable and Convenient travel size
  • Strong and Durable towel
  • Alcohol and Fragrance Free
  • Pre-Moistened

Part no. EP-E2X41P48


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enspire® Body Cleansing XL Towel 24″ X 48″

Sold by the Case / 48 Packs per Case

Do not be deceived by the package size. There is a full sized towel folded up inside, and it can clean your whole body. The fabric is strong and durable to withstand the roughest of users. Sensitive skin? Don’t fret. This body cleansing towel is pre-moistened with a fragrance free and alcohol free based solution.

Ideal for: Sporting Events, Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Emergency, Military, Recreation, Healthcare and more.


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