What Should You Have in Your Decon Kit?

If you are part of an emergency situation that involves a fire or are involved with extinguishing a fire the following procedure should be followed.

Your kit should have:                            

                Enspire ® Decontamination Wipes and/or Towels

                Scrub Brush

                Safety Glasses

                Medical Gloves

                Small / Large Trash Bags

                Mask Wipes


Here are recommended clean-up procedures:

Remove turn out coat and hood. Use Enspire ® Decontamination Wipes and/or Towels to remove as much soot as possible from head, hands, arms, neck, jaw, throat and face.

  1. Use extra safety glasses during decon to protect soot from getting into your eyes.
  2. Attach the hose to the truck and rinse your gear. The scrub brush will help to remove stuck on debris. Once finished, use a large garbage bag to store your gear. Remember to perform a thorough cleaning of gear once back at the station.
  3. Use the small trash bags to dispose of all wipes that have been used. DO NOT use the trash bags for biohazardous materials.
  4. Following these steps will help to reduce your risk of cancer.


Enspire® wants to keep all fire persons as safe and healthy as possible. We thank you for all your hard work and dedication.


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