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Decontamination cleaning products for firefighters

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enspire® Fire Decontamination
Protection for those who put their lives on the line

Proudly made in the USA, enspireFire® decontamination products provide first responders the ability to remove carcinogenic contaminants immediately after an emergency. Our towels and wipes help to remove as much soot as possible from the body and equipment, reducing exposure to dangerous substances and lowering the body temperature to decrease the absorption rate of contaminants within the skin. Currently, enspire® pre-moistened towels and wipes are being used by the US Forest Service Firefighters, American Red Cross, and various fire/EMS groups. New applications for enspire® pre-moistened towels and wipes are emerging each day: emergency preparedness, heavy industry, automotive shops, fitness clubs and much more!


Decontamination and Cleaning solutions

Clean off contaminants and cool down the skin immediately after an emergency with enspireFire decontamination wipes. A great size for quick use on sensitive areas.


Clean larger areas and remove tough dirt and contaminants with enspire Fire Towels.


Designed specifically to make washing fire, rescue and EMS apparatus fast, easy and safe. The mild pH optimized formula is safe on all painted surfaces, decals and light lenses. The cost effective concentrate, quickly breaks down soot, road film and bugs making clean-up a snap.


This fast acting, pH neutral, plant based cleaner contains no harsh chemicals. Designed for your “routine cleaning” process and for use on any nonporous surface. Meets NFPA1851 Requirements.


Fast acting, phosphate and acid free. Safe for use on all factory tires and rims. It quickly removes brake dust, soot, grime and restores tires to black without damaging painted surfaces, diamond plate or decals.


Biodegradable formula. An environmentally friendly, fast acting, powerful cleaner that quickly penetrates and loosens the toughest grease, dirt and grime. Simply apply, let activate, and rinse or wipe clean. Can be used full strength or diluted; contains no phosphates.


Microfiber Towels are perfect for washing, drying, and polishing most any surface. These large (16”x16”) towels are softer than cotton, durable, super absorbent and safe for all automotive finishes. Completely washable and reuse-able.

Degreaser Wipes

Made with strong, durable fabric to withstand the toughest of users.  Cleans hands, face, tools and or parts as needed. Ideal for: Construction, Mechanics, Home Shop/Garage, Sporting Events, Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Emergency, Military, Recreation, Healthcare and more.